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MIG Corporation´s FinTech Project Management Initiatives. Navigating the unknown is a scary proposition for most professionals. For MIG Corporation, it is a rite of passage and an everyday occurrence

Understanding and trusting the process of managing projects can ensure to the project  vision, completeness, and unity for the success, and this is simply one more day's practice for MIG Corporation.  


An Ecosystem of Trust


On a higher view, MIG Corporation´s FinTech Platform lays the foundation of and facilitates a network that is based on trust. The technology can be implemented where those only allowed to write onto a blockchain environment, or participants, are known and trusted by all. It can be implemented within an industry, or among affiliates and subsidiaries of a parent holding company, or between clients, providers and their partners.


A Project Management Platform


MIG Corporation´s FinTech Infrastructure and Solutions as project management platform allow Organizations to manage their projects efficiently. MIG CORPORATION FinTech´s Project Management Platform improves the quality of governance and minimizing bureaucracy.


On-time and On-budget


MIG Corporation´s Project Management Platform it is a redundant, resilient, secure environment that enables superior operational workflow. Implementing blockchain-based projects and initiatives and allowing time-saving, cost removal, and risk reduction.


MIG Corporation´s Project Management Services


Project managers use FinTech Platform Infrastructure and Solutions technology to a number of knowledge/problem domains they are responsible for.


Understanding and trusting the process of managing projects Infrastructure and Technological can ensure to the project vision, completeness, and unity for the success, and this is simply one more day's practice for MIG Corporation.  


MIG Corporation supports this task with 20 years of experience, and a high level professional team, controlling and balancing an Infrastructure or Technological Project Management key building blocks: Project / Scope / People / Time and Money.


MIG Corporation Infrastructure & Technological Project Management´s Methodology:


Defining project.


Identifying the involved risks.


Analyzing viability.


Identifying the partner, or partners, from our first level partnersteam to work as the a assigned contractor, or partner with public entity when on PPP or Mixed model.


Establishing time frames and steps to be followed.


Financial design, transition to the corresponding financing partner or entity.


Referential Bid analysis (If bid process is the chosen).


Developing and implementing the procurement process.


Assisting in negotiations.


Assisting bids, if proceed, and legal documentation.


Projects involve doing something which has not been done before and which is, therefore, unique. A product or service may be unique even if the category it belongs to is large. For example, many thousands of office buildings have been developed, but each individual facility is unique—different owner, different design, different location, different contractors, and so on. The presence of repetitive elements does not change the fundamental uniqueness of the overall effort.


Because the product of each project is unique, the characteristics that distinguish the product or service must be progressively elaborated. Progressively means “proceeding in steps; continuing steadily by increments” while elaborated means “worked out with care and detail; developed thoroughly”. These distinguishing characteristics will be broadly defined early in the project and will be made more explicit and detailed as the project team develops a better and more complete understanding of the product.


Progressive elaboration of product characteristics must be carefully coordinated with proper project scope definition, particularly if the project is performed under contract. When properly defined, the scope of the project —the work to be done— should remain constant even as the product characteristics are progressively elaborated