Who we are

 Around  Geneve -  Switzerland  


MIG Corporation is an independent FinTech Company ecosystem providing Corporate Finance Solutions and Services with activities spanning from Technology, Infrastructure and Professional Services to foster and implement Sustainable Development Strategies for the Development of Territories and Countries-.

MIG Corporation has established key selected partnerships with Investment Funds, Trust and Asset Management Financial Institutions to deliver "taylor made" FinTech solutions for its Clients.


MIG Corporation ecosystem has a very important  track record of technological and scientific character, aimed at the development and deployment of information management platforms on telecommunications networks for the supply of value added services for sectors such as health, education, public administration, banking and infrastructure on its recognized Cloud  Technology Infrastructure, allowing the development of new models of economic development of the territory; the development and deployment of "smart cities" as new sources of sustainable and competitive advantages in the new context of globalization.


MIG Corporation´s global activities has taken place specially in the recent years, as a direct result of the development of projects and the establishment of a network of Partners in the 5 continents. 


MIG Corporation has also established specific Joint Ventures with key players around the world for value-added proposals in the areas of infrastructure; technology; energy and professional services; as well as with selected leading companies in their respective sectors in the areas of supply and services.

MIG Corporation has supported its growth strategy, over the past ten years, in the constant investment in R&D in partnership with some of the major public and private national and international Research Centers around the world (CERN and other selected Universities,...) and  prominent professionals thriving to excel the balance between the solidarity and the development of the individual.


MIG Corporation´s professional team is supported by a single set of prominent academics, visionaries in business, entrepreneurs and professionals in partnerhsip with some selected international investment funds; insurance companies and business angels to address economic and social relevance projects linked to the ”sustainable development of the economy” aligning technology, finance and social values