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MIG Corporation - 'One Stop Shopping' for FinTech financial innovation

 Canton de Vaud -  Switzerland  


MIG Corporation is a leading company holding related to the provisioning of FINTECH Infrastructure & Solutions for EPC/BOT Projects and Trading Commodities on an international basis.

MIG Corporation´s Smart Finance. Faster|Safer|Cheaper


Finance and in particular Financial Innovation is the leading engine of economic development and has brought enormous contributions to society in the past and it is primed to do it again.

Financial Innovation is both creative and constructive.

Financial entrepreneurship‎ and technology have the opportunity to rethink the financial market industry that is more important constrained, cautious and cost conscious than before.


Mainstream investors and profit-maximizing institution have gotten carries away because of the financial crisis establishing a credit constrain market without precedences matching Borrowers and Lenders through “technology venues”.


MIG Corporation's has developed an end-to-end FinTech Technology Platform Infrastructure to support “end to end” value chain and business process of investors and venture promotors. 


MIG Corporation's Professional Services Practice are focusing in activities spanning from Corporate Finance; Asset Management and Project Finance to foster Sustainable Development Strategies for the Development of Territories and Countries-.


MIG Corporation's FinTech Project Finance Practice is oriented to support lenders and investors´s business process to access line of credit facilities and equity funds provided by "best of breed" investors through in-house "taylor made" FinTech -like Platforms.



MIG Corporation has established some key selected partnerships with Investment Funds, Trust and Asset Management Financial Institutions to deliver "taylor made" solutions for specific Sectoral Activities –Oil&Gas; Infrastructures (Civil Works; Housing; Health; Logistics; Energy);….


MIG Corporation is leading FinTech Services, Solutions and Methodologies to support the securitization, syndicated loan, financial advisory and other investment activities process performed by a combination of the appropriately licensed MIG´s ecosystem partnership.


MIG Corporation has established a network of key professionals around the Globe with huge experience in Africa, Asia, US and Latam.


MIG Corporation Investment Banking FinTech activities are specifically oriented for Africa and LATAM markets.



MIG Corporation´s strategy is based on the achievement of long term relationships with its clients built upon honesty, transparency, hard work, senior commitment and delivery, matching international investment banking standards.


MIG Corporation is one of the market references in LATAM and Africa having been engaged in key relevant transactions involving companies in the Sectors of Infrastructures, Energy, Housing, Agriculture&Food.