Value Proposition

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Empowering Value NetWork to create Wealth.  MIG Corporation uniqueness value proposition to Public and Private Organizations is based on how to leverage financial resources to improve economy, growth and foster living conditions.

MIG Corporation methodology is focused to support National Development Programs defining strategies and designing “taylor made” financial structures to improve Infrastructures, Housing, Energy, Agriculture, Health and other Social related initiatives –Education,…-, 


MIG Corporation  has a huge experience with Multilateral Agencies –EIB, IDC, World Bank,…-; Private Equities, SPVs –Special Purpose Vehicles- allows to tailor-made specific partnerships with Government to launch PPPs –Public Private Partnerships- provides an “one-stop-shopping” to create sustainable opportunities


MIG Corporation is a leading company holding of “maat International Group” related to the provisioning of Structured Corporate Finance Services for EPC/BOT Projects on an international basis.


MIG Corporation is also the corporate brand name for the companies affiliated to maat International Group and the brand of the Structured Corporate Finance activities of maat International and its subsidiaries. maat International is providing Corporate Finance Services through the securitization, syndicated loan, financial advisory and other investment banking activities performed by a combination of the appropriately global licensed subsidiaries of maat International.


MIG Corporation has established key selected partnerships with Investment Funds, Trust and Asset Management Financial Institutions to deliver "taylor made" financing vehicles based on the provision of the appropriate collaterals, and sovereign or financial assets issued by its Clients


 Aligning Financing & Corporate & Smart Infrastructures &  Technology



Sustainable Business Model

MIG Corporation supports the social and economic transition of Territories from traditional Value Chains towards Smart & Networked & Clean Technologies Related Business Models,


MIG Corporation provides Professional Services, IT & Civil Work infrastructure and Project Management focused in Smart Cities Infrastructures; Logistics & Transport; Access Control; Food Security; Media; Energy, Health and Public Administration.


MIG Corporation is an one-stop-shopping to offer an “state of the art” service ranging from the initial feasibility study; project finance and management and delivering the full value proposition


MIG Corporation holds strong partnerships with key corporate, engineering, infrastructure, building, an energy companies around the world.


MIG Corporation corporate policy is focused to commit with integrity, transparency, social responsibility, human development and sustainability  technologies.


MIG Corporation Is based on a unique pool of leading academics, business visionaries, entrepreneurs, media leaders and venture capitalists providing their guidance and insights to assemble an impressive group of Technology Pioneers as the "best practices" for Corporate Governance