FinTech Services

FINTECH eCosystem

 Canton de Vaud -  Switzerland  


MIG Corporation´s FinTech Solution involves the redefinition of the financial system and a high impact on the competitiveness of the services offered by this sector

FinTech is the name given to the financial services firms that have managed to integrate technology into their core business, incorporating in its processes -transactions, investments, payments, etc- the benefits of new technologies.


MIG Corporation has promote a FINTECH ecosystem developers around FinTech Platform to organize and provide services under optimum conditions of speed, transparency and security, in addition to profitability and cost reduction goal,  that a client expects to receive from an entity whose products and services revolve around money in a sector traditionally managed by the Banking and inaccessible to small operators and entrepreneurial ecosystem


Entrepreneurial eCosystem


Our definition of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, based on a synthesis of definitions found in the literature, is as follows: ‘a set of interconnected entrepreneurial actors (both potential and existing), entrEpreneurial organisations (e.g. firms, venture capitalists, business angels, banks), institutions (universities, public sector agencies, financial bodies) and entrepreneurial processes (e.g. the business birth rate, numbers of high growth firms, levels of‘blockbuster entrepreneurship’, number of serial entrepreneurs, degree of sell-out mentality within firms and levels of entrepreneurial ambition) which formally and informally coalesce to connect, mediate and govern the performance within the local entrepreneurial environment



Technology has given rise to new institutions and business models as an alternative or complement to the banking,  where FINTECH merger is being a great ally to differentiate and become more competitive.


The huge investment that venture capital funds and investment funds  allocate in order to accelerate projects to FINTECH environment,  demonstrates the unstoppable projection that Technology has, with the expected increase competitiveness and transparency, for improved customer experience


FinTech. The Role of Technology


The role of technology and innovation in the financial services industry is evolving more quickly, and with greater potential impact, than ever before. For service providers and the clients they serve, the potential benefits are numerous, and include the promises


of more informed, holistic decision-making, more powerful predictive capabilities and enhanced risk and compliance frameworks in which to operate.


Financial Services is embracing and incorporating amazing technological advances, in order to be able to extract more intelligence and potential value from raw data today than ever before. This trend is certain to continue going forward. And, in addition Technology is helping market participants to grow their respective businesses and portfolios, this evolution of technology in the financial services industry will help lead to increased transparency and openness, protecting the best interests of the respective market players, their clients and the economies from which they operate.


MIG Corporation. FinTech Vision


MIG Corporation FINTECH Suite Solutions (*) is able to respond to the numerous challenges presented by the rapidly changing regulatory environment we’ve witnessed since the global financial crisis. The regulatory landscape continues to evolve and the number of parties interacting with one another continues to increase.


MIG Corporation FinTech Suite Solutions (*) allow organizations existing functional technology platforms new features with the rest of their service offerings.


To ensure ongoing compliance with this new and constantly evolving set of rules, maat International FINTECH Suite Solutions* is able to quickly and efficiently retrofit Institutions´s technology platforms to suit these newly introduced regulatory conventions. Coping with the challenges associated with a regulatory landscape in a state of constant flux will be a key challenge facing the financial services industry going forward, but it, too, is a  challenge that can be overcome through the strategic application  technology.


MIG Corporation FinTech Suite Solutions (*) primary challenges in implementing as institutions search for ways to use corporate data not only as a detailed reflection of the recent past, but also as a telltale window into the future. Realizing the benefits of private cloud computing will be critical going forward